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Project Development

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Project Delivery

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Project Development, Management & Finance

We provide the skills, understanding & network to ensure a path to successful project delivery.

Project Path
We work on behalf of...

Project Developers

... to structure, finance & implement projects.

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We work on behalf of...

Project Companies all stages of the project lifecycle to assist in capacity building, technical support, management & monitoring.

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We work on behalf of...

Project Funders identify, understand & manage projects.

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How we work

We view our role as not only providing the expertise that is required to make a project successful, but doing so in a way that provides greater clarity, not more layers of complexity.


Our first objective is to understand your project.  


Our approach is rooted in the understanding of your requirements.  


We provide the ability to examine all of the structures available for your project & the insight to choose the most appropriate.  


We provide a flexible modelling framework that allows your project to be tested against stakeholder requirements & risk.  


We present projects in a way that generates & maintains engagement of your stakeholders.  


We work on behalf of project developers, project companies & funders to successfully deliver projects.  


About us

CPF comprises a team with strong technical backgrounds & broad experience, having worked in all sizes of business across five continents.

We share a common belief that creativity and innovation are both essential to business & what makes it interesting.

The sense of satisfaction behind helping to deliver a successful project is hugely important to us, it is the greatest reward for our work and it ensures that our interests are aligned with our clients.

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